Volunteer and Internship Positions in Wolfgang Stuerzlinger's lab

Volunteer and Internship Positions

I, Wolfgang Stuerzlinger, am looking for volunteers for my lab at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. As part of our volunteer program you will have access to the resources of my Lab, gain experience, experience a world-leading city, and have the opportunity to engage and collaborate with our members.

We are currently looking for enthusiastic volunteers to contribute in the following areas: We cannot support undergraduate students for paid internships, especially if they are here with visa status. One of the main issues here is that the local bureaucratic and financial overhead for financial support for internships is relatively large. Consequently, I can only offer international internships without funding. If you need funding you should consider finishing your undergraduate studies first and then apply for a graduate student position. I do not offer remote internships.

We will support your internship by providing you with appropriate infrastructure, such as computing, software, desk, and network, and also with supervision by a member or the director of the lab. Many of our volunteers have gone on to become students in the lab or elsewhere, or became involved with an academic or industrial collaborator of the lab. Several volunteers even became co-authors on scientific papers.

If you are interested, please send e-mail to Wolfgang Stuerzlinger. Describe your skills, your interest for any particular project from the list or some other project led by someone in the lab, and any relevant information about what you would love to do in our lab.

Wolfgang Stuerzlinger