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The source code available here is provided without any guarantees. Feel free to use the code for your projects but please include the following copyright notice:

Copyright (c) by Wolfgang Stuerzlinger, 1991-1998.
This code may be used only for non-commercial purposes!
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Commercial agreements on request. If you find bugs please send me a message.

INVDEPTH.C - Compute depth values from OpenGL z-buffer

Reads the OpenGL z-buffer and computes the true depth values for all pixels. C-code 1 KB

HEMISPHERE - Hemispherical projection

The hemispherical projection library used in FXFIRE (see below). For a more detailed explanation of the method, see the corresponding paper on my publication page. C++/C-code 21 KB

DISCOMESH - Discontinuity meshing software

My discontinuity-meshing library used in FXFIRE (see below) as a separate package (with documentation). C-code 16 KB

FXFIRE - Special Effects Fast Illumination Rendering Environment

Radiosity program with the following features:

Available version includes progressive radiosity with arbitrary convex polygons, Delaunay meshing, adaptive discontinuity meshing, discontinuity meshing library, and minimal documentation. C-code 75 KB

CDT - Constrained Delaunay Triangulation

Computes the constrained Delaunay triangulation for a set of points and edges. Additional information can be stored with each edge. C-code 14 KB
Note: I am currently using Dani Lischinski's constrained Delaunay triangulation software - it is more stable than mine.

FLIRT - Faster than LIght Ray Tracer

A Tray Racer with the following features:

Nonstandard features:

Available version includes all normal features, auto-center/zoom, multiple material models, unfinished texture implementation, German documentation. C-code 178 KB

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Last modified: 28 October, 1997