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This page lists my current research projects with the results. All publications are linked in square brackets and point to entries in my publications list. A list of older research projects can be found after that. Please consult also the WWW pages of the students, who are or were working on these projects with me, the research labs where the work took place, and the pages of agencies and companies supporting my research.

3D and Spatial User Interfaces (3D UI), Visual Analytics (VA), Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Virtual Reality (VR), and Interactive Computer Graphics

Most of my research focuses on better user interfaces for computer systems in general. The first central theme is enhanced user interfaces for 3D, Spatial, and Virtual Reality systems and interactive Computer Graphics. This also includes user interfaces for big spatial data. The second theme is Human Computer Interaction research, including text entry, pointing, and work towards better graphical user interfaces (GUIs).

Alternatives for Generative Design and Visual Analytics (SFU)

Solving difficult or ill-defined problems, such as designing a new artifact or identifying new insights from big data sets, typically involves an exploration of alternatives. Yet, current tools do not support alternatives well in creative and analytical work.

3D UI - 3D User Interfaces (ISRG)

This area of research investigates user interfaces for interactive 3D systems, where users can easily select and manipulate 3D content.

Interaction on Large Display Surfaces (ISRG)

This project investigates infrastructure that encourages collaborative work on large display surfaces. Within this project, we are working on 2D and 3D systems that are very easy-to-use, but still retain the capability to analyze real-world problems in collaboration with other users in the same room. Towards this we are working on a collaborative platform, which allows multiple people in the same location to seamlessly collaborate during a session, even if the content is beyond arm's reach.
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Human-Computer Interaction, 3D and Spatial User Interfaces, Virtual Reality

Computer Graphics and Image-Based Modeling

Computer Vision

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