Information about Open Research Positions

If you are interested on doing research with me, this page contains some helpful information. A separate page addresses internship and volunteer positions.

PhD Positions

My research group has currently an open Ph.D. position in the general area of Human-Computer Interaction and Interactive Virtual Reality. Students will have the opportunity to work in a large interdisciplinary research group, and will have access to several very well equipped laboratories. My lab is part of the School of Interactive Arts + Technology at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. Accepted full-time students will receive funding as specified in our graduate program, which is typically enough to cover tuition and living costs.

For these positions I am looking for excellent and motivated students that meet the following criteria:

Desirable criteria: If you fulfill the prerequisites, please send the following documents informally in electronic version via e-mail to me. All attached documents should be in PDF or ASCII format. Please note that applications from Ph.D. students with backgrounds not matching the above criteria will be given lower priority. In other words, if you are seriously interested in working with me, I suggest you take appropriate courses or work on projects within HCI or Virtual Reality before you apply to increase your chances of acceptance.

MSc/MASc Positions in Computer Science and Engineering

For MSc/MASc students I am looking for excellent, motivated individuals. If you are interested in working towards a Master's degree with me you must fulfill the graduate program entrance requirements, have taken at least one Human-Computer Interaction course, have excellent programming skills, have very good academic achievements (an average of A or better is typically required for successful admission), very good English language skills, and have the ability to work in a team. Furthermore, you should fulfill most of the desirable criteria listed above. Then apply to the Graduate Program at the School of Interactive Arts + Technology. I suggest you mention my name in your application and specify either 3D interaction or visual analytics as your area of interest.

Note on Application Timelines

In our graduate program the application deadline for all graduate students (Master's and PhD) is every year sometimes between January and March. Accepted students start their work in September. Canadian citizens or permanent residents may be eligible to start their work in January or May, but need permission by the graduate director for submitting their application.


As there are usually many more applicants who want to work with me compared to the numbers I can fund, your application may be rejected even though you do fullfil the criteria.
Faculty members cannot accept new graduate students directly. That means, any e-mail communication with me is just an informal mechanism. To be admitted, you must send your application through the Graduate Admission office. This office performs a first round of selections, based on their standardized conversion of grade scales. Subsequently, the remaining applications are screened again by a Departmental admissions committee, which also looks at your reference letters and other information. Individual faculty members only get to comment/decide on files that have passed this process.
The information listed here is based on my experience and opinions. It may deviate from official (and thus more definitive) requirements.

Meetings at Academic Conferences

I am regularly at academic conferences in my research areas, e.g. ACM CHI, IEEE Vis, ACM UIST, IEEE 3DUI, ACM SUI, IEEE VR. I am happy to meet with you there, as long as you contact me well before the event.

Further Information