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I currently supervise the following graduate students at Simon Fraser University Most of my graduate students are or have been supported by scholarships from NSERC or other sources.

Current and Recent Undergrads, Interns, Visitors and Volunteers


This is a list of all postdocs, graduate students, and a select few of the 100+ undergraduate students I have supervised in the past. Each entry lists also the thesis topic. Co-supervision marked as applicable. Undergraduate students were typically involved in project courses, equivalent to Honours thesis projects at other institutions. Please send me a message if I forgot to list you or if your affiliation has changed!

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Note: A Dipl.-Ing. degree in the Austrian system can be considered equivalent to an M.Sc. degree in the North American system.

Graduate Students Advised in an Informal Capacity

Selected Past Interns, Undergraduate Research Associates, Visitors, and Volunteers

Furthermore, I have supervised more than 100 undergraduate students in final-year project courses, equivalent to Honours theses at other insitutions.
Wolfgang Stürzlinger